Dr. Bob is BACK!  

Dr. Bob's and his faithful crew have been working hard to set up his lab, and it is nearly complete!  As the dust settles, we hope that you will all come join us in our shiny new location....the Drexel Theater!  Come see us on March 3rd as Dr. Bob presents 'The Demon With The Atomic Brain' with the help of his lovely assistant Nurse Feratu, and his hardworking (and hopefully long-lived?) minion.


2/12/2018 - MUSING BY RICHard

1/29/2018 - musing by sirhc

1/01/2018 - musing by melanie

12/26/2017 - musing by abby

12/21/2017 - MUSING BY SIRHC

12/11/2017 - musing by dave

11/27/2017 - musing by ellen

11/21/2017 - musing by richard

11/17/17 - musing by melanie

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