Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob is MOVING!  

Dr. Bob's lab is moving through space AND time, as we are moving to the FIRST Saturday of the month!  We'll be on a short break while Dr. Bob gets his lab set up in a top secret location, but we'll have new shows for you beginning on February 3rd! More details to come!


12/11/2017 - musing by dave

11/27/2017 - musing by ellen

11/21/2017 - musing by richard

11/17/17 - musing by melanie

11/06/17 - Musing by richard

10/09/17 - Musing by sirhc

10/02/17 - Musing by ellen

09/24/17 - musing by melanie

09/12/17 - musing by richard

9/04/17 - MUSING BY ABBY

8/23/17 - musing by ellen

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