Musing on the Mihmiverse…

Hello, one and all, and welcome to my latest Musing!  In keeping with tradition - at least, MY tradition - I will be musing on something almost completely unrelated to anything I have mused on before!  I like to keep ya guessing!  In the case of this session's musing, I will be rabbiting on about our recent trip to Minnesota via the wilds of Wisconsin as we (myself and the Gilberts) traveled to the northern United States to lovingly snark on a friend’s movie...and it was HIS idea!

After the 3 of us got our schedules arranged so we could “do this thing,” it was off in the rental to the west! Driving through Dayton and Indianapolis, we crossed into Illinois and up into Wisconsin. Why were we stopping in Wisconsin? Because we were stopping in on a director friend whose movies we have shown at M3wDB - Michael Butt, director of the classic Vampire Ticks from Outer Space and This Woods Is Cursed.  Unfortunately, we spent a LOT of time searching, as the wilds of Wisconsin had bad cell phone reception and extremely iffy map apps.  We did eventually find his place and got to meet him in person, talk about his movies, get some stuff signed, and even get a sneak peek at some props from his latest movie.  It was a fun stop, regardless of the issues getting there.

Then, it was off to Minneapolis and our meeting with Mihmiverse favorite and M3wDB recurring guest, Rachel Grubb.  Rachel is as nice as she is pretty, and we got to spend some quality time with her as we shot some material for – well, you will see what we shot when we premiere it at our showing of Manos: the Hands of Fate! We may even have some Queen Hagra surprise goodies there, but no guarantees.

Our next scheduled stop was at the top secret shooting location of Christopher R. Mihm's next movie, where a certain Doctor has a cameo. Getting to meet all of the Mihmions again is always fun, and I even brought books and comics for the family.

Now, the trip was not all work.  No, not at all. Besides it being great fun to meet the Mihms and their actors (both the regulars and the newbies) while they worked at making movie magic, there was spare time!  And for that I mean SHOPPING!!  Any of you who pay attention know I love to shop at Half Price Books, and the chance to shop at two new ones in another state?  Heaven!  Found lots of cool stuff, and even turned down a chance to eat so I could shop at one of them (you can always find time to eat somewhere, but getting a chance to shop at this HPB? Not turning it down) while the Gilberts ate at Five Guys.  Oh, and did I forget to mention stopping at one of the best comic/gaming stores in the Midwest?  That is right, we stopped at the Source, a truly great comic and gaming store in Roseville.

But we did have another scene to shoot, and it was very interesting to watch how it was done, how small the set really was, how long even a short scene can take to shoot, and how many people are involved. Hopefully most of you have seen the pictures we took and posted in the Midnight Monsters page (you say you did not see them? Because you are not a fan member yet and are not in the Midnight Monsters? Well, now you know what you missed!) as both Mel and I took loads of photos and video to share with our fan club (yes, that was a shameless plug).

Then we did our snark track for Mihm, and it was recorded for addition to the special features of the re-release. It was a freaking blast - and we even got to see a SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST at the snarking!

Well, I am wrapping it up for now.  Until next time, keep your brooms on the ice!!