A Minion's Musing (Whosing?)

by Richard

So it is once again time for me to impart words of wisdom on the denizens of the Teslaverse, and enlighten you as to what to...what? It’s just time for my musing?  Not the taking over this dimens-never mind, nothing to see here!

Okay, since it is time for my usual ramblings from the weird side, let us discuss putting off viewing that final episode of the series or season. I am talking about "The Doctor Falls", this season's finale of the best sci-fi show of all time, Doctor Who.  And no, there is no discussion on this; the Star Trek series merely comes close, and Babylon 5 was not anywhere as long and as vital as the Doctor.  Seriously, there is NO OTHER sci-fi that approaches Doctor Who in quality, intelligence and longevity.

So, that being said, why have I NOT watched the season finale yet?  Simple reason, actually.  As any true Whovian knows, this was Peter Capaldi's last show as the Twelfth Doctor.  Knowing this going in, I was ambivalent about when to watch the show, as I really came to appreciate Capaldi and Moffat's take on the legendary Timelord.  And they were BOTH leaving!!  Both of them!!  "But what does that have to do with not watching the episode yet?", you may ask. Go ahead, ask me.  You know you want to...

Gosh, I am glad you finally asked that!!

It has nothing to do with my legendary status as a procrastinator, no.  It has a more...sentimental reasoning.  You see, even though I KNOW that he is done, and a new actor has been chosen to play the Thirteenth Doctor, and a new show runner is gearing up, I do not want to see him go.  And that my reasoning for why I have NOT watched it yet.

As long as I put it off - no matter that he has already said goodbye to the role and the new Doctor is filming already - he is STILL my current Doctor.  Until I watch that episode, he is like Schroedinger's cat: neither dead nor alive, neither still the Doctor nor already replaced.  As long as I put off viewing "The Doctor Falls", Peter Capaldi is still MY Doctor.

Eventually I will have to watch it, as the new Christmas special is just around the corner and the new season won’t be far behind.  But for now, dang it, I will be putting it off like a Russian leader!!  Anyway, that was my m(who)sing; I hope you enjoyed it.