As we go through a bit of a transition period with the website, there may be some small interruptions to the Minion Musings, with our apologies.  In the meantime however, we hope you enjoy this musing from our newest Musing Minion, Ellen! 

This time - THE JOYS OF BOYS


Things on my To-Do List:


Send birthday card

Get honey from farmers' market

....destroy world with world-destroying robot??

So, one of my most prized possessions just happens to be a 3x4 foot chalkboard hanging in my living room.  I found it at a Goodwill years ago, and it's wonderfully practical for writing down quick temporary reminders to myself or for leaving messages for my son if I have to step out for a bit.

A few years back, my son was particularly bored one day during a blackout (no TV!  No video games!)  And so he offered to draw me something on my chalkboard.  The funny thing is, he asked me what to draw. I said a puppy. No really, the conversation went something like this:

Him: (watching me write my to-do list): Can I draw something on the chalkboard? I'll draw something for you. Go ahead. You tell me what to draw, and I will draw that for you, whatever you want.

Me: Okay, a puppy!

Him: Ugh, no.

Me (resigned anticipation): Robot with a laser?

Him: OKAY!!


I went off to cook dinner, and later in the evening, sure enough, there he was. My robot with a laser, just under "get honey from farmer's market". And I do have to say, he was a pretty swell robot. I mean come ON. He's not only got a laser, but "power of destroying worlds", an alternate laser charger, a laser drainer (ha, ha!), and rocket shoes. Then, because destroying worlds totally needs a great soundtrack, he's all set to go with a boombox arm handily installed. And yes, he's saying "Die, butthole!" in the picture.


...But I'm pretty sure a daughter would have drawn me that puppy.  Probably with a rainbow.




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