The Nipian Saga IV

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and household pets of all shapes and sizes, it is I, the one and only Catman, bringing you more insight to this wonderful world that I have found.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to report.  Now, don't take what I say the wrong way, because I have found a lot more plant life, animals, and wildlife, but I truly haven't been keeping tabs and notes on everything that I should have...because of a discovery that I have to document! I think I have actually found, for lack of a better explanation or word...people!  Just the other day, I was over at the ruins that I found, and I uncovered what appeared to be an entrance to a tunnel system.  I explored the entrance, and about thirty feet in, I decided that I did not have the proper equipment that I needed to really see what was in this tunnel.  Now, this is not a cave system, but an actual carved tunnel.  All the walls are smooth, and there are even recesses in the walls where apparently torches or candles or something like that could fit in. The floor looks like polished stone, so I feel this is no ordinary tunnel. It is also in excellent condition.  Now, being the curious feline that I am, I jumped in the portal back to Dr. Bob's lab and I quietly borrowed some surveillance equipment and motion sensors.  I am currently on my way back to the entrance now, and I'm going to set up these cameras and see if I can catch a glimpse of what is coming in and out of these tunnels.  I have noticed that the tunnels are covered in overgrowth and vines that can be easily moved to the side for anyone or anything to pass through without pulling them down or disturbing the natural camouflage that is over the entrance.  I am truly excited to see what I might find with these cameras.

I did try to drop subtle hints to Dr. Bob over the possibility of finding a new planet with unique life. I know he will be upset when he finds out I borrowed some of his equipment without asking, but I also feel that he needs to know what I have discovered.  I don't know if he understood half of our conversation though, because he was really entrenched in some of his work at the time; that was also the reason I tried to mention things subtly because I knew I didn't have his full attention.  It might be wrong of me, but I really don't think he fully trusts me, and I admit I'm feeding that perception, but I also know that he would not have let me just borrow the equipment.

I'm a bad

I am off to set up the cameras and the motion sensors now, so I will hope to know something in my next report on what might actually be coming in and out of that tunnel.

Until next time,