The Nipian Saga VII

I am standing confused and shocked.  The person in the doorway looks just like me...well, half human and half cat.  Dr. Bob is going to have a field day with this news.  Maybe he won't skin me now for losing his equipment...that is, if I get back home.


Cat Person:

                   'Merroth thy rouw...thist nor zoth...'

'I do not understand.'

My captor looks surprised when he hears me speak.  Lucky for me, I am still recording so I will be documenting all this for future study...if I happen to make it out.

Cat Person:

                   'Who are you?  Where do you come from, and who are you talking to?'

'You can speak my language? ...I am not talking to anyone.'

Cat Person:

                   'Do not play dumb with me.  What future study?'

'Oh, you heard that.  Me and my big mouth.  Look, to be honest, I'm not from around here.  I found this place and I was actually doing scientific research.  I meant no harm to anyone.  I don't even know where this place is.  I don't suppose you would just be nice enough to let me go, and I will just go back home and forget I was even here?'

Cat Person:

                   'Are you Norforian?'

'What is that?'

I don't know how to feel about this.  He gives me a weird look and then leaves.  There is no way he could have made the thumping I heard out there in the hall; after all, he's about my height and build.  Before he left, I was able to take a real quick look out the door.  The hallway looks to be made the same way as this room:  no lights or anything I can see, but it's still illuminated throughout.  It also seems fairly wide, about the width of an average road back home.  I need to be very careful about what I say and how I talk.  He thinks I'm talking to someone, and I don't need any more problems while trying to figure out how to get out.


It has been around an hour since he left.  I do not know what to expect now.  I have snooped around a little bit, trying to find a way to open that door, but it's sealed tight.  It is almost as if it's molded into the wall itself when it's closed.  I can just imagine what Dr. Bob could do with materials like this.


I hear someone else coming down the hall; I guess I'm going to have another visit.


Female Cat Person:

                                'The guard says you speak English; is that correct?'


Female Cat Person:

                                'Who are you, and where are you from?'

'My name is Catman, and I'm from a place called Earth.  Now if I may ask, who are you and where am I?'

Female Cat Person:

                                'My name is Veshur, and you are in Chekar City.  You say you are from Earth; how did you get here?  Are there others here with you?'

'I am by myself, and I kind of borrowed some equipment from my employer and used it to find this place.  Unfortunately, you smashed most of it, so I don't know how I'm going to get back home.'


             'Are you a creator?'

'I honestly don't know what you mean by creator.'


             'Our creator was from Earth.'

'How could that be?  As far as I know, no one from Earth has even heard of this Place.  Who is the one you call a creator?'


             'He goes by the name KITT.'