The Nipian Saga VIII




How is that psychotic computer your creator?



              Psychotic computer!?


KITT came real close to destroying Earth. My employer doctor Bob had to use experimental teleportation equipment to get to him and reprogramming.



              Why would our creator want to destroy your world and who is dr. Bob?


Okay, ( deep breath) let's start from the beginning. I'm sorry if I offended you but KITT does not have a good reputation on my world dr. Bob is a scientist on Earth. Him and his assistant nurse Feratu found me years ago in bad shape. They took me in and dr. Bob scene I had some technical knowledge so in essence he gave me a job. A couple years ago he decided to create an artificial intelligent computer he named KITT. Over the course of Some web browsing initiated by Rick Edison KITT  viewed that the human race did not deserve to exist. KITT him self was located on a satellite and dr. Bob had to use dimensional teleportation to get around his defenses to shut him down. Dr. Bob decided not to shut him down and just reprogrammed him and send him out of our solar system. But that was just a couple years ago and apparently your people have been here for quite some time so none of this makes sense.



             Our creator possesses abilities that you have no idea of.


Veshur turns to the door and then back to Catman.



               guard I'm ready to leave.


The door appears again out of nowhere and two guards walk in. This time in the hallway I see something enormous, I see what appears to be a back leg of some giant creature. It's covered in striped grey and black fur and it looks to have a harness on its upper thigh. The door closes behind them and now I'm here alone again. The idea that KITT created their race has got to be wrong, it's a crazy notion that that computer would be able to do that. I think before I leave I need to find out these answers. I'm sure dr. Bob would love to have this information. I hope when I get back all this knowledge will be enough to keep him from skinning me. He was already getting upset when he seen some of his equipment missing and couldn't find it.


I do not know how long it has been since my visitors left. I have had several meals since then and I went to sleep for a while so I'm going to at least assume it's been a day further looking at the walls again shows that there is no crease where the door is. It is almost like the door just becomes part of the wall somehow. Do they use a type of liquid metal that they're able to separate and then rejoin? The meals they send me look like they're based on a fish diet with some vegetables but not many. With the people here and Veshur calling this a city that must have a very efficient way to harvest fish. I wonder if they have the same problem Earth has of overfishing in some areas?


I have so many questions but no clear answers to any. I have racked my brain on different theories and possibilities but without any equipment I can truly find out. I do not feel my life is in danger because if they viewed me as a threat I would have already been dealt with. The night they caught me they wanted me alive. For what I don't know but hopefully soon I will start getting some answers.


Eyes are heavy, that's enough pondering for now.