Two of a Kind

Musing are fun!!

So here I am, back with another one of my trademark rambling musings. Sometimes I jabber about the show. Sometimes I jibber about movies.  Often, I go off on some entirely different tangent.

Well, today is a special day, as I will concentrate on proving a theory of mine about a certain sci-fi character who is way popular right now.  Even though this character is responsible for numerous deaths (both of individuals and entire species), and is so emotionally damaged he has to have a companion to act as a moral compass, for some reason he is incredibly popular.  He has consistently gotten into sticky situations for the flimsiest of reasons, often making them much worse before he saves the day. He flies a ship that can transcend space, and he converses, drinks, and interacts with aliens every day.

But I am not talking about Rick Sanchez here, if you were thinking that. No, I was talking about The Doctor.


Boy, I heard that scream of NNNOOOOOOO all the way over here!  I can just see the Whovians scrambling to defend their hero and claim he is NOTHING like the amoral, alcoholic abuser that is Rick Sanchez. They are screaming, “Dr Who is no murderer!  He has morals!  He cares about his companions!  He would NEVER do the things Rick Sanchez does on Rick and Morty!"

My reply? A simple 'yes'.  Yes he would, and yes he has.  Dr Who has quite the kill list; just watch the episode when he rescues Missy from execution.  The Executioner trembles in fear when he reads the list of the Doctor's victims; at least, he trembles before he runs for his life!  Almost every Doctor has had to kill somebody (or some species) during the show's decades-long history. Rick is just more indifferent about it.

They both drive around space in ships they pilot (although Rick built his, whereas the Doctor merely stole his).  Rick's Ship is also intelligent – check out the episode when Ship protects Summer.  Just like the TARDIS, the Ship seems capable of time travel and interacting with their pilot/driver on a telepathic level.
They BOTH need a moral compass.  Rick, because he is so intelligent that he realizes nothing matters and good/evil are just constructs to maintain civilization.  The Doctor, because he is so intelligent that he needs a companion to remind him of his humanity and keep him from going off the grid.  Both have often shifted from sane and rational to manic defense/offense.  The Doctor at least tries to be human, even though he is an ALIEN, while Rick is as inhuman most of the time as any alien.

Okay, let us discuss Rick/The Doctor and love.  Rick has only shown love for basically three things: his family, himself, and Unity (even if that was only once!)  But that is still more than The Doctor, who rarely shows any actual love for anyone else, just a fondness and deep affection (yes, I will give you Rose, but that is the ONLY companion he EVER showed any real LOVE for) for humanity in general and his companions in particular.

Summing up my argument - both are outside of humanity while deeply connected to it, both have companions to make them seem more human, both are deadly killers, and both have questionable morals and goals. Yes, to me, these two are remarkably similar when you get down to it!