We Are All Broken

by Xen Ngu

We are all broken...

A line traverses slowly across, growing in speed exponentially relative to its life span, its cause and time of creation impossible to pinpoint.  Onward it travels, expanding in length, and occasionally finer children branch out; micro fissures that go unnoticed.  The smooth veneer that plays canvas for this crack, still perhaps a superficial scratch, maintains a stoic integrity.  Admirable for what it has weathered, the Vessel continues on, not noticing the potentiality of the blemish on her hull.

The Occupant, blissfully ignorant.

Progressively, atmosphere takes it toll, and additional unseen Laws and unheard Forces are at play.  It begins to radiate across the outer shell and branches extend, stretching limbs, marking time in the casing.  The glossy facade is stigmatized and weakens.

The Occupant remains blissfully ignorant.

The Vessel approaches a luminosity, a celestial light.  The Chrystal beams an incandescent flash, and in the casing, the tiny line erupts.  The exterior is merely a pretense, the facade...just a facade.  The mask is now damaged, and so the starshine creeps inward.  The Vessel has been breached.

The Occupant scrambles to contain the affliction as support systems begin to fail.  Moving quickly but not quickly enough, the Occupant attempts the repair.  

The Occupant pauses the scurry as the light of The Chrystal, as bright as The Morning Star, floods into the Vessel.  The Occupant knows what to do.  And in spite of the uncertainty...the fear melts into serenity.  The Forces are silenced.  The Laws are defied.

“We are all broken...that is how the light gets in.”