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Dead Until Dawn

By Abby


It may be a surprise to some of you that I'm a vampire girl. I can't put on eyeliner, I don't own many black skirts, and I don't have a refined palate for red wine. But the geek heart wants what it wants and I have to tell you that many hours of my life have been devoted to checking out sexy vampires, I mean, uh, dissecting three-dimensional characters. 

Now I have opinions about the sparkly vampires (check that out next month) and opinions about Ann Rice, but my most favoritest vampire world is Charlaine Harris's books about Sookie Stackhouse, the source material for True Blood. 

After the first episode on HBO, I ran out to read all of Sookie's stories (while the series have come to an end, there are still some short stories I have yet to read). Like Buffy before her Sookie is the definition of a strong female protagonist on the girly end of the masculine-feminine spectrum. She loves her grandmother and pink lipstick, but threaten her or her friends and family and she will stake you. And boy howdy does she get threats!

Unfortunately I can't strongly endorse all of True Blood without exceptions. Some of the seasons are flat out goofy. For example, in an especially HBO fashion, there's a season centered around a worshipper of Bacchus who makes everybody have orgies for 13 solid episodes. It's not exactly high brow entertainment. It goes off the rails as far as sticking to the books (Games of Thrones fans can't even complain about the gutting of the books. Bon Temps had it much worse). 

So if you're looking for a good airplane read or you have an affection for bloodsucking fiends (and were-animals and witches and telepathy) start with the Dead Until Dark or the first season of True Blood but be warned that it gets quite silly




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