Dr. Bob's minions tire away endlessly to help the good Doctor in the name of science,
but with what little downtime they get they would like to share with you fine people! 

A Message from Bob himself!

Greetings to everyone reading this! All 12 of you.

I am Bob Gilbert, creator and "big kahuna" of Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob. Normally, this spot is for the minions to talk about whatever they want but they were nice enough to let me have this spot, just this one time, to talk about the start of our fifth season and some of the BIG things we have planned.

FIVE seasons! Five SEASONS? You could knock me over with a feather that we've made it this far. On February 12th, 2012, when we had our very first episode back at the Grandview Theatre, I couldn't have foreseen we would still be going. I thought we would be lucky to get 6 months before people stopped showing up.

But show up, you have! While there's a lot that can be said about how much work goes on behind-the-scenes that the audience never sees, the whole reason we're still around is because our awesome audience keeps coming to see what weird adventures Dr. Bob takes us on and, OH YEAH, there's a movie too! Not only have you guys kept coming (even following us to another theater!) but you drag more people to our shows and keep us growing! I try to always keep this fact in mind as I plan our movies and script (so-to-speak) our shows. I never want to lose sight that, if our audience isn't having fun, I've let them down. I started the show on a very simple premise of "Midnight movies should be FUN" and try, every month, to make sure that is the purpose of our show.

We throw every gimmick we can at you, quite literally at points. We bring you unusual movies, sometimes they're even good! We try to come up with stories that reward long-time fans (come on, the Rick Edison Clone Saga was set up in Season 1, Episode 2!) but not intimidating to first-timers. We pull it all off on a budget of whatever spare change we can shake out of the seats. This is one point where I need to thank this cast. We've grown from a cast of just two to a cast where people actually have a set job! I've gone from needing to have my finger on everything going on to being able to focus on the big picture and trust my talented and wonderful cast to take care of the specifics. Two examples of this are the two Chrises: Chris Massie came onto the show and immediately elevated the look of our props and sets while Chris Stephenson provided our website which gave us an alternative to Facebook's shenanigans. Our audience is the lifeblood of the show (especially since the show dies without you) but this great cast is the muscle of the show. I am truly thankful for the faith both have placed in me.

What does this mean for Season 5? Well, we're growing again! We've got a new series on our YouTube channel starting this month (you haven't subscribed? Maybe you should?) called Wild Eye Reactions and will simply be us reacting to the best and worst movies from our partners at Wild Eye Releasing. We've also got another new webseries that we're working on and hope to have a pilot done within a few months. I don't want to go into too many details as yet but it will involve tabletop gaming and mass quantities of alcohol.

Did someone say tabletop game? Because we're totally making one of those! That's right, we're at the end of the planning phase of making a "Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob" tabletop game! We still need to playtest it and raise the money to get it made but, with luck and money, we hope to have it ready by our October show. You'll be able play with your friends and see who can make the most awesome episode of Midnight Monster Movies. It will feature movies and monsters from all 5 seasons including TeslaVision gimmicks and killing Igors!

We have the Mihmathon rapidly approaching! This was something we attempted back at the old theater but, due to technological issues and schedule problems, our intended show was a compromised product that didn't live up to the idea. This time, the Gateway Film Center is giving us the chance to do it right! We have all of Mihm's films with the premiere of Justen Overlander's The Bequeather, each movie paired with a chapter of the Radar Men from the Moon serial. We'll have a sneak peek at the Mihm's new film and special surprises! If we make this a success for the GFC, I hope they will let us do different marathons down the road. I have a few ideas that would make for amazing once-in-a-lifetime events. Before we can work on those, however, we need this Mihmathon to be a hit.

The last of the big news for this season? We might be making a film! As you read this, we have a script being written for a Midnight Monster Movies MOVIE! I read the story treatment and it had laughs, it had drama, it had time travel, it focuses on the love between the Tesla brothers. Ever wonder what happens between Dr. Bob going down into his lab and when he comes up the next month? This movie will answer that! Of course, making a movie is not cheap. Assuming the script stays on track, we will start a Kickstarter and try to get this motion picture in motion! If we can get the funds needed, I hope that we'll be able to start filming by the end of the year.

We have a full season of movies lined up for you this year. We're going to try to give you a great time every month! We hope to see you all turn out for the Mihmathon and enjoy our new offerings!



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