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10 Age-Old Geek Arguments - Part One

By Abby


These were originally selected by the fine folks at The Robot’s Voice, and they seem to have stolen it from someone else on top of that, so credits all around (here is the article with all those dudes names: http://www.therobotsvoice.com/2009/05/the_10_most_famous_geek_arguments.php)! I will weigh in and give my totally unsolicited two cents on the following questions.


10. Freddy versus Jason: This questions posits who would win in a fight, which may or may not have been solved by the titular 2003 movie, depending on who you ask. It may surprise you, dear reader, to learn that I do not have strong feelings about this one way or the other. Despite my affiliation as a minion, I am more a fan of camp and schlock than blood and gore.

Personally I would prefer to watch a Nightmare movie before, but Friday the 13th movies are probably better films in terms of quality. But based on the way the previous authors phrased it, the question is not about the movies, but which character would win in a fight. Jason probably has more physical prowess, but considering that Freddy’s power is based on generating horrific nightmares (and I would wager that Jason has seen some messed-up things) I think Krueger would ultimately drive him mad.

Advantage: Freddy       


9. Is Pluto a Planet? Very clever scientists say no, so I will defer to them. This is an important point to remember: if someone that knows more about something then you tells you that something is so, YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM. Pluto is most likely not a planet, but future research and experimentation may change that; that’s what’s great about science! Based on my personal research, there is an Aesop Rock song called “Bring Back Pluto” so we should follow his advice. 

Advantage: NASA and Aesop Rock


8. The Juggernaut versus The Blob: I never thought about this. I am amazed that I have not thought about this. As the source article puts it, “The Juggernaut is an unstoppable force. The Blob is an immovable object. What happens when they clash?” Wow! My mind is blown already. One of my entry points to geekery was the 90’s X-Men cartoon so I am amazed that a smaller version of myself never established a good argument for this.

There must be a definitive canonical answer out there in the Marvel universe. Somewhere, sometime, over hundreds of issues of dozens of series, there is a time where they fought and someone won. Presumably there is also the contradictory answer, but maybe not. Upon further reflection, I feel that the most recent portrayal of The Juggernaut in the terrible movie by Vinny Jones should be punished, and I would say that if it happens anytime soon in a Fox film, then the Blob should probably win.

Advantage: Blob

Join me next month when I tackle arguments over Doctor Who and MST3K! 


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