Dr. Bob's minions tire away endlessly to help the good Doctor in the name of science,
but with what little downtime they get they would like to share with you fine people! 

This week - Chris speaks about his arrival to Midnight Monster Movies.

Stairwells and Hallways

A long while ago, In a neighborhood many, many miles away, Where a lone anamorphic cat dude was planing to destroy the 3rd planet from the sun, there appeared a doctor. Whom might you ask was this doctor? Well, not the one you are thinking of so all you fans can calm down and quit thinking about kilts, fezzes, leather jackets, scarves and screwdrivers!... (Wormholes and temporal rifts are OK though). YES!!! I am referring to Dr. BOB TESLA!!!

Dr. Bob devised a plan to approached the schizophrenic, sociopsycotic, paranoid cat dude and convince him not to blow up the planet he was on and focus his mighty destructive imagination on creating and building for the good doctor. After some negotiations, catnip, a few scratches behind the ears from his assistant nurse Feratu and her help with meeting people and not scaring them off, the cat dude calmed down enough to keep from pushing the big red button he had on the side of his litter box and focused on creating things that most of the time do not blow up for Dr. Bob.

That, my dear friends is how I will describe (for generations to come) How I became a part of the Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob cast. Yes, I am a little messed up and have a VERY active imagination and yes I am a cat but we all have our issues.

Being a part of this cast has let me build, create and think of so many thing I can do to help make physical the show you know and love. They let me use power tools and trust me around people and plants... Sorry about that. I am among friends, Friends who strive to create a show you the fans will remember and want to come back to. Everyone hear can create and everyone brings some thing new and original to the cast. I can be myself and not worry about how people think or want to tie my tail to a rock...

I wanted to use my first post to Minion Musings to thank all of the cast for letting me create the props I do and giving me more ideas to help build this show. Also, I want to thank our audience for enjoying what we do and coming back for more!!!

In my next ramble I will talk about Minecraft, Legos and how you can take three severed heads, a bent stop sign, some super glue and some elbow grease (milked from the elbows of the zombies I have out back) to create a unstable pera-dimensional portal that a mouse, or a pencil can fit through.