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So you think it was a bad movie...

By Richard


 Welcome to another rendition of Minion Musings from me, the Mongo of the computer world.

  Today I want to address the elephant in the web page- the quality of M3wDB movies.  Dr. Bob Tesla does his best to bring you, the M3wDB fans entertaining movies to brighten your monthly viewing here at the Gateway Lab and Movie theatre. I did not say he  brings good movies, just entertaining ones! And yes, he has shown some truly painful movies, films so painfully bad I have blocked all but the memory of how bad they were so as not to have to remember them!

  It also brings up a valid point. No one can agree what is a truly bad movie and what defects it must have to qualify as a “bad “ movie.  A classic casewould be the legendary Ed Wood Opus, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”  (because the first 8 were such successes!), a love poem to awful dialog, shoddy editing, bewildering pacing, ludicrous not so special effects, bungling actors and cardboard tombstones that actually shake when brushed against.  This Wood vehicle has legions of fans. Why? I just went over its horrible , well , everything. Why is the movie so popular? No one has a definitive answer, but I believe a large part of it lays in Mr. Wood and his inescapable enthusiasm which he instilled in every one of his*ahem* classics. If you think this Wood film was bad, check out “Orgy of the Dead” or “Glen or Glenda” for truly bad movies.

   The point is, as bad as his movies were, Ed Wood made them watchable. Now I could go over the list of movies inflicted on his audience by Dr. Bob, but you can do that by checking the page and archives (right Critch?) to see the “gems” he has displayed so far and you are entitled to your opinion. But I can honestly say that almost every movie he HAS shown you fans has been watchable, if not award worthy. And most have been entertaining as well. Some you would probably never heard of except for his digging (and some you wish he had left buried) like Queen Crab, Avengers Grimm and Ghastly Love of Johnny X, all of which turned out wonderfully. He has shown such epic “failures” as Killer Tomatoes! And such exotic fare as Cannibal the Musical!

  Thanks to Dr. Bob, many of you were introduced to some truly different films and film styles. You have witnessed the Mihmiverse, seen some truly strange Asylum movies and a few Troma-tic ones. Independent filmmakers and cult directors also have favored Dr. Bob by allowing him to show their films free so that you the fans can also see it free.


 So what makes a “bad” movie (besides Michael Bay?)? No idea. I have watched truly terrible movies all the way through just because I enjoyed them –despite their awfulness (Spiders 3d is a recent example) while there have been others that were nowhere near as bad and I could not finish them. It depends so much on the movie, where you are watching it, the people you may be watching it with, all these factors come into play to define your “bad” movie experience.  Rest assured,  Dr. Bob will always be trying to find the right movie for his fans. We hope.


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