Dr. Bob's minions tire away endlessly to help the good Doctor in the name of science,
but with what little downtime they get they would like to share with you fine people! 

Stairways and Hallways IV

By Sirhc


     Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and generic NPCs with no names. Welcome to another one of my psychotic rants. I know Dr. Bob has been busy with trying to protect the world and trying to help Edison and he hasn't really needed my help too much. So I have started working on my own experiments... Behind his back. I have been currently wrapped up in World of Warcraft so much that I have been experimenting with how can I actually live in it? Of course the whole idea of virtual reality comes in but also I have to think about how am I going to eat and get to my litter box. There has to be a way and in my infinite psychotic wisdom I will figure it out. To be honest sometimes I would much prefer living in that world or any world that I can go randomly beat the s*** out of people, take all of their stuff and make a crap ton of money from it without getting arrested. Of course also the idea of exploration without boundaries is very appealing to me , after all I'm a cat and we are naturally very curious. I know we toyed with the idea I'm living in a computer with the Matrix trilogy and other people have come up with other theories on how to live in a computer. Even the video game Soma had the idea of living in a satellite hard drive. But there's got to be a way that I can enter into that world that benefits this world and have the ability to bounce between the two.

My experiments so far have been... Questionable in their outcome. My dog is afraid that I'm going to try to skin her and sell her hide in the auction house and my cats think I'm going to try to turn them into mounts. My dog and both my cats should know that they are my companions , I might throw them in a pet battle or two but I am not going to skin them or ride on them. One they're just too small and they really wouldn't fetch a lot in the auction house. Two they're just too cute and cuddly , like the rabbits and squirrels and other Woodland creatures that carry knives and other weapons hidden in the mountains. Also I have tried to bring a fairy dragon into this world and that didn't work too well... It started screaming for some reason as it just dissipated in static and glittery mist. I hope when it responds and the game it won't be mad at me. After all it was my friend so I hope it understands I just wanted to show it our world.

My next try will involve holographic projectors. Maybe if I can project things from game into our world and use one of my homemade AI programs I can come closer into having part of that world here with me. Maybe I can reverse that idea to where I create a perfect version of me in the game... I might look a little weird compared all the rest the characters but that would still be interesting. I wonder if that would get me banned?  I will have to look into that.

Well, I have just came up with a bunch more new ideas that I have to try so I'm going to close this wondrous magical exploration into my thoughts and desires of Destruction and Mayhem with massive monetary gains. I hope Dr. Bob will not be too upset with me that I "borrowed" some of his equipment for my experiments. If I can make this work then I'm sure he would find a use for it. And I could finally show my creative genius not only to him but to the world!



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