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The Nipian Saga I

By Sirhc

                   ( for the beginning of The Nipian Saga please see stairwells and hallways VI )


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all the felines around me that will not stop meowing, Welcome to the chronicling of something interesting I found. I mentioned I think it was last month that I borrowed some of Dr. Bob's equipment and I have been doing my own experiments with interdimensional portals. I found a unique world and up until this point I haven't really explored it in great detail but it's covered with sand and it was sunny and it had trees that were so tall and so wide. I am actually going to go back to it and I'm going to see what I can find. I'm going to try to keep notes because this seems to be a very interesting place. If anything it will be a place that I can hide when I get to the doctor mad at me...lol

Okay, it took me a little bit to fiddle with coordinates but I finally got them right and here I am. Now to get involved with some real searching and investigating of this place. Again I find myself in what appears to be a forest. The ground is made of really fine sand and the trees are really tall and they branch out at the top like an umbrella. I'm going to set up camp here and this time I brought equipment. I plan on staying here for at least a couple days just see if anything changes when it gets dark or if the weather changes at all. I told Dr. Bob I was going to escape to the outside and try to be more sociable so I hope he won't be too suspicious about me being gone so long. I don't want to mess too much up here so I brought a portable litter box and I have an insulated tent. I brought my laptop with monitoring equipment so I can check out the climate and possible weather patterns. I did bring me some catnip and I have enough food and water to last about 4 days. I should be ready for this and if not they can bury me in this giant litter box...lol

Well I now have Camp setup and I have my monitoring equipment operational. I did find out that I forgot my portable back-up generator but I have rigged up some solar panels so I will still have power for the equipment. I'm watching the sun go down now and it's really an amazing sight. The location where I'm at is always covered in Shadow buy the canopies of the trees. There are places that the sun does shine through but seeing the sunset through the canopies almost looks like they're on fire. It casts a unique bluish purple glow on everything. I will have to look into why the colors appear like that. Back home it's the sky that changes color, I will have to try to find a higher vantage point so maybe I can see above the canopy.

So far for my first night here I have not seen a whole lot. There's a very soft wind and hardly any noise. I have noticed that there is some form of grass here now. It glows with a light bioluminescence that resembles what I seen earlier with the trees. It is night time now but apparently at least the way I'm seeing it it's never truly dark. The grass that I have found is very thin, almost as thin as hair. Maybe that's why I didn't see it before because of it being so fine. It seems to Just Dance back and forth in the Wind. I dug around in the sand a little and I have discovered that the Grass Grows like a very fine Vine right below the surface of the sand. It reacts to both light and Shadow, Apparently it is light sensitive. When I shine bright light on it the grass actually retrax back under the sand. It takes only a minute for the grass to come back out. This is really cool I wonder what other neat stuff I will find tonight. I do need to get some rest though so I will leave my equipment on and I will try to take a cat nap. I will update everyone in my next  entry.


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