Dr. Bob's minions tire away endlessly to help the good Doctor in the name of science,
but with what little downtime they get they would like to share with you fine people! 

Thank you!

By Richard

Greetings Denizens of the Teslaverse!  It is time for my minion musings and I (after being reminded that I had forgotten to send one in) have decided to go with the thank you option. Why, whatever do you mean by the “thank you option”, Mr. H.?

  Simple. It occurs to me that we in the Teslaverse are too busy planning, editing and showing the movies/shows to thank some of the most important members of our now 5 years (and counting!) run. And who would that be, you might ask? Go ahead ask, I want you to!

  Well to answer your question, we need to thank you, the fans of Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob! If it was not for you fans, the theater would have had no reason to accept us or even let us continue this wonderful wackiness!

  In no particular order I wish to thank some of our most loyal fans and contributors. This is not a popularity ranking (or Dr. Edison would be #1 *wink wink*) but just a list of people I/we want to thank.

  David and Jennifer gave M3wDB a home to be born and grow in.  And for a few years it was great and we appreciate all that they did.  But M3wDB had to grow and thus was born the move to our new home and the next to be thanked- the Gateway Film Center!!! They have been just wonderful for the show and the fans and they are appreciated like you would not believe!

  Almost from the beginning, there was one particular fan who attended nearly all of our Grandview shows and followed us to the Gateway (although we had to arrange travel arrangements to get him home sometimes) and that man is our friend/fan Jim. Jim even got in a good zinger last show. If you missed it, it went something like this. Dr Edison-“ I am sorry!”  Jim-“We know you are, but thanks for apologizing anyway!”.  I will get revenge Jim!

  Also a fan from way back is Nathan P (surfer dude!) who attends as many shows as he can. But be warned, he is an arcade pro and will clean your clock in video games! The Drapers have been attending for years and we look forward to seeing them every show.

  A while back, our northern Ohio fans came to the Gateway to watch a Troma premiere and meet Lloyd Kaufman. Little did they know they would be talked into returning to check out the wackiness that is M3wDB! While they can’t attend every show, we always like seeing them!

   Then there are the regulars that I don’t know names, but believe me I recognize them when they are with us. Some like Drea had to suspend coming because work hours shifted, but we will gladly welcome them back if their schedule changes.  And just last show we had a bunch of newbies bringing new energy and excitement to the show (and they said they would be back!)

  Last but certainly not least, let us acknowledge the filmmakers that generously allowed us to show their films(from the very good to the meh to the very, very bad).  That would be Asylum films, Wild Eye Releasing, assorted independent films and of course, CHRISTOPHER R “FREAKING” MIHM!!! We love you all and thank you so very much for sharing your films with M3wDB and our fans!

  Well, that is all from me this round, have a wonderful day and remember- “SCIENCE!”



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