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Remembering Jane Adams

By Melanie

This month I think it is time to talk about a lady from the movies, though I had a lot of good actress to choose from I had to talk about :  Jane Adams, for some very good reasons.  One of which being my alter ego, Nurse Feratu, who had her name voted on by the audience the first session. One of the original options (which I personally added) was Nurse Adams.  I had always loved her in House of Dracula, where she played the hunchback nurse, Nina. Though most people were more drawn to Martha O’Driscoll as Miliza Morelle, who played the romantic interests for both Dracula and Larry Talbot in this movie, I was always more drawn to the character Nina.


Also, right now on Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob we are showing Batman and Robin, as our preshow serial which costars Jane Adams as Vicki Vale, who I love in this version.  Like all woman in this error she gets kidnapped all the time.  Mostly she is caught because she is a strong woman going after a story, which ends up getting her caught by The Wizard’s henchman.


The other big film I have seen she was in was The Brute Man, where she played Helen Paige.  In this film she was also the likable sympathetic woman, this time she is blind pianist that befriends the Brute Man.  Since she is blind she is not afraid of him and tries to befriend him.  In the story he tries to get money for so that she can have an operation to restore her vision, sadly it doesn’t have a happy ending for their friendship.


Her last role was in an episode of Adventures of Superman in 1953, after that she completely retired from acting.  Jane Adams sadly passed away in May of 2014, at the age of 95.


Jane Adams did not have a long career, on IMDB.com, she only has 31 film and television appearances to her name, but her characters did left an impact on me.  I loved how she often played a goodhearted woman.  I never saw her as a villain, I don’t know how that would have been; she played the heart of a story.  I think a lot of what makes Nurse Feratu comes from her, especially as Nina (minus the hunch), the loyalty, the wiliness to help, and a soft spot for some unusually men, or monsters.


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