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By Richard



Such a simple word, yet so profound.

I was going to write a semi-serious rant about the way the zombie term has been muddied in horror movies, but real life intruded in the form of a friends passing and I shall be “musing” about death, friendship and the mystery of life. I know, pretty heavy for the guy who throws puns like they were ping pong balls, but there you have it.

Yesterday on Facebook I learned of the passing of Richard “Ricky” Netter. I doubt that anyone in my current cycle of friends would have heard of him, but for several years we were friends, played softball and played cards (at Glen Conaway's house). Then life happened and I grew apart from that circle of people as I gravitated to Wilmington and married life. I gained new friends-like Nancy Ehas, Priscilla Dayton Clark and the friends of the Wilmington Library. I started hanging out in Columbus in my free time and met many of my current friends via movies, shadowcasting and other venues like Alexis, Critch, Sirhc, Bob, Melanie, Scott, Ellie and numerous others- even losing one dear friend –Charles “Cheddie” Davis- to death.

Ricky and I had grown apart like that circle of my friends and I had not seen him for years, but I still called him a friend and would have greeted him with a manly bro hug if I had gotten to see him. But time and life happened and we did not see each other as we grew older. But I remember! I remember his smile, his joyous nature and his mischievous nature. And I miss him, even after not seeing him for years, I miss him.

You see, we can not see a friend for a long time, and be fine with that. Why? Because we always assume we will see them again, if only briefly. That is why Cheddie hurt so much, one day he was with us performing in a shadowcast and then poof!  He was gone. Never to be with us again on this earth. Same with Ricky, who will be missed not only by me, but by his family and friends as well.

After I found out about his passing, I spent time “musing” about our times playing sports and cards, remembering hanging out and just thinking of old times that have floated down river on the current of time. And someday, maybe soon, hopefully much later, I will have friends missing me. I hope I give you pleasant memories to muse on and lots of bad jokes and fun times to make you laugh. But that will be then, and this is now.

To all of my friends, I love you all –in varying degrees of course- and cherish each moment we share. May there be enough to choke even Peter Jackson.


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