Dr. Bob's minions tire away endlessly to help the good Doctor in the name of science,
but with what little downtime they get they would like to share with you fine people! 

The Amazingly Awesome Official Written Apology Letter

By Sirhc

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, and intelligent radioactive centipedes of all ages, I welcome you to my first official written apology for losing my mind.

It all started two weeks ago, when I had an amazingly awesome idea and started writing it down. When I got a solid concept for it I opened my embedded cat tree computer, cleared all of my cat toys off the keyboard and began typing. Ideas, thoughts and creativity were flowing. I was so happy to share some of the things I think about and experience with all of you. Then, last weekend my computer decided it did not like me and showed me that by not saving some of my files. I lost some diagrams for doomsday weapons, concepts for a new litter box / cat tree combo and my favorite aquarium screen saver. Even my USB rotating mouse mobile stopped working. So I started my week a little under the weather and trying to find out what I lost. I soon discovered I lost all I had typed about that amazingly awesome Idea I wanted to share with you. I started trying to remember what I had written but with not to much luck.

I was down and out and busted when Dr. Bob got ahold of me and reminded me I had a deadline coming up for some plans he wanted. So, here I am, low on catnip and scrambling to recover things. Then inspiration struck me and I started writing about that amazingly awesome idea again. I was so happy and ecstatic about remembering some of it again that I decided to have some of my last catnip and celebrate. Then stupidity struck. I somehow deleted it when I turned off my computer. I did not notice it until I tried to access the file through my tablet to send it out.

So instead of every one reading about my amazingly awesome idea you now get to read my official written apology letter. ( Dr. Bob will never let me near his computer now.)



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