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Graduation Blues

By Richard


Greetingsfrom the Musings room.  I thought I would remin-, reminis-, I thought I would share a memory tied to a recent event I attended.

I graduated from Chillicothe High School(some would say I escaped, others that I was given a work release but that is another topic for another time) in June of 1977. Yes. Almost 4 decades ago I was released into the general public with practically no adult supervision or idea what real life really meant. Sure, like most of my classmates I had passed the required material to prove I was capable of being a practicing adult in a cut throat world. I would have been much happier if they had told me how much practice it would take!!

  After foundering around for years, following life's little clues and setbacks, I eventually became a (relatively) sane adult with good friends, a home and a job. It took years to shake the d-baggery I had been saddled with, to calm the storming temper and fine tune the wonderful sense of humor (many would argue I still need work on that last one) I share with friends and strangers alike.

  What, you may ask (really, go ahead and ask so I can tell you) prompted this little detour into my sub conscious? Well, one of our own, the spritely C/A/M (name withheld to protect the easily embarrassed) graduated Westerville Central last weekend! The Gilberts, Scott Watson and I were happy to attend her graduation ceremonies and congratulate the young lady. It was a lovely ceremony –only briefly marred by inconsiderate parents who blew air horns for their grad-with some good speeches, few songs and a good pace. But this is not a movie review.

Congratulations Skully on surviving High Scholl and having a graduation ceremony without the mayor transforming into a giant demonic snake! Although that may have livened up the proceedings……..


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