Dr. Bob's minions tire away endlessly to help the good Doctor in the name of science,
but with what little downtime they get they would like to share with you fine people! 

Cat Walk I

By Sirhc


As I lay here practically in the sky,
my eyes flicker open as a bird glides by.
The wind blows through my hair and I just smile.
Maybe I'll lay here alone for a while.
One of two big red buttons is installed beside me,
I have another one on the side of my litter box, you see.
Not even Dr. Bob can find me here.
He will use my communicator and it will tickle my ear.
This is a present from nurse Feratu I use everyday.
It helps keeps my stress and worries away.
I'm not a fan of the Sun but it's nice to nap in.
Of course when the Sun Goes Down the real fun begins.
I will work on my projects and chores through the night.
But in my mind I will never lose sight.
I will never lose sight of what's important to me,
Napping by the big red button on the top of my cat tree.


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